Something To That Extent




why would she sell sea shells by a sea shore when you can just pick them off of the ground for free that’s not how you run a business

She’s sold sea shells by the seashore since shapely seashore seashells stay scarce. Since she…

So, should a similar shop seek to sell sea shells, can Sally say that she sees a sort of stability in the sea shell shop she has? The second shop could sell shells at a significant subtraction in price, sending Sally’s shell seeking shoppers to secure shells from a safer seller, saving serious scores of scratch.

Creative Crates

Go check these people out! They’re making an awesome game, and you can not only play the builds for free, but you can also watch the progression from concept to completed game! Also, I will freely admit that the one quote in the “Love from Awesome People” scrolly thing on the right is from me. The newest build is available on their blog, but if you want to check out an older build, go to You place bouncy pads with a left click, accelerator spheres with a right click, save your spawn with “c”, respawn with “r”, and fullscreen it with enter. How high can you get?

The Masks That We Wear

Man, Majora’s Mask is a depressing game. From the main plot to simple side stories in the grand scheme of things, the Land of Termina is steeped with pain. Right from the get-go, we see the darkness seep in through Link’s quest: the location of a lost friend. It doesn’t stop there. Lovers separated. False accusation. The looming presence of destruction. One must be strong to bear what Link went through.

And Link sure went through hell. That’s really all we can call it. Hell on earth. No matter what he did, the moon would fall, and the world would end. If he went back in time, all that he accomplished was undone. The lovers would still be apart. The ranch would still be attacked. The land would still be devastated. Just thinking about it makes me depressed. Imagine living it! If Link had any emotions, I’m sure he would be screaming in his head about all his failures. A weaker mind would be torn apart, yet Link suffered it stoically.

Now, on to my next point: the land of Termina itself. Termina has been cursed, for lack of a better term. The poisoning of the swamp. The snowstorm on the mountain. The hurricane on the sea. Even the land of Ikana, decayed and fallen, is affected. This is an external showing of the corruption that affects Termina, but the corruption runs deeper than that.

There are disputes in Clock Town between the guards and workers, each ignoring the other’s points. The Gorman Brothers are willing to do anything to mess with Romani Ranch. The Deku have become suspicious of anyone entering their lands. The gorons have become listless and depressed, their lives full of nothing but sitting around due to endless snow. The zoras live in fear of both the pirates and the hurricane. Ikana has become infested with undead, from skeletons to redead.

Majora’s Mask has been seen as the darkest Zelda game, and there is no shortage of proof. The time limit of three days gives a sense of urgency, with the ever-present moon a symbol of oppression. The masks Link receives can turn him into copies of dead people, trying to keep them alive though they passed away. Even the ending is left open, with Link still searching for Navi, the reason he came to Termina in the first place.

There is also the Skull Kid, a mischievous child who is corrupted by an evil mask. As he grows more corrupt he lashes out at his friends, ruins lives, and is the one who summons the moon to crush Clock Town. He sends four spirits to keep the giants, the ones with the ability to stop him, occupied.

How, if there is all this corruption and depression, is Link able to save everyone? It is only the perseverance and caring that keeps him from giving up, and that is the true message of this game. No matter what comes up, no matter how dark and hopeless it may seem, you need to keep going. Eventually, the end will come. Eventually, the darkness will fall, the oppression will lift, the corruption will vanish, and you can move on. Unfortunately, sometimes not everyone will come out unscathed, but that is another game for another time. So if you think you can’t keep going, that you have to stop, that your burdens and responsibilities are overwhelming you, just think of Link and what he went through. Though it is only a narrative, it can still show us what we need to strive towards - perseverance and hope.

The World Ends… Because It’s A Wonderful World

Has anyone other than me played the DS game The World Ends With You? There must be some people, but most (e.g. the one person I’ve asked) that I’ve asked have stared at me blankly, then asked what it was. And honestly, I didn’t know what it was when I bought it, either.

When I first saw TWEWY (as I will shorten the title to), I was looking through games at my local Gamestop. I saw a cover with cool art on it, picked it up, read the back, put it back down, and filed what I read in the back of my head. I know nothing of either the basic plot or the gameplay, and I didn’t even buy it until a month or two had passed, and even then only after seeing the Yathzee review for it on the Escapist and becoming intrigued. I was going out on a limb with my purchase (the only other Square Enix game I had played before that point was the GBA Kingdom Hearts, and that game had me confused beyond reason), and I was hoping that my money wasn’t wasted…

And when I first played it, I had my answer. I was hooked (metaphorically, not literally). The gameplay was challenging enough to be exciting, not retardedly difficult like fighting Riku at the end of Destiny Islands in KH:CoM. The art was fantastic, with the Noise (enemies in TWEWY) stylized beyond reason. The story was dark and engaging. The music was good enough for me to eventually buy the soundtracks on Amazon. It remains my favorite DS game to this day,and was what caused me to eventually play the real Kingdom Hearts games when I got my PS2.

I really don’t know what exactly I’m trying to say here. Maybe I’m trying to tell you that popularity isn’t proportional to quality. Maybe I’m saying that Square Enix makes a good game. Or maybe I’m just telling you that regardless of anything you may (or may not) hear, you should take risks. Get a game that looks cool. Listen to the new band your friend suggested. Watch the pilot for the new show. Who knows? You may find your new favorite thing! And if not, there’s always the 7-day return period.

Why? I Don’t Know.

Why am I doing this? Honestly, I don’t know, and I doubt anyone will care in the least, but whatever.

I’d like to think that I’ll make witty, cutting points here, but they’ll most likely sound stupid and be things 5-year-olds could point out.

…so yeah, go me or something…